TechReckoning Fest 4: Let’s cross the streams

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TechReckoning Fest 4 was an online event for technologists who are active in their tech communities. All our Fests feature a lineup of vendors and community contributors in a binge-worthy series of tasty bites that mix interesting technology with interviews of the people that make things happen.

#TRFest4 was held on Tuesday, October 29, right before VMworld Europe and Microsoft Ignite, and we featured sponsors and community folks from both events. We had so much fun crossing the streams!

Whether you attended those conferences or are followed along with the hashtags from home, TechReckoning Fest 4 gave you:

  • A head start on the events and figure out where you want to focus your attention
  • Connections with smart folks in the online communities and introductions to some people that were going to the conferences
  • A good time!

Stay tuned for events coming in Nov and Dec!

TechReckoning Fest 4 - Let's cross the streams

FEATURED: 2+ hours of tech talks, interviews, and a few bad jokes

Guests included:

  • Chuck Dubuque (@ChuckDubuque), Red Hat: OpenShift on vSphere (and Azure)
  • Scott Macy & Guillermo Ruiz (@IaasGeek), Oracle: vSphere on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure¬†
  • Theresa Miller (@24x7ITConnect), Cohesity: SaaS data protection
  • Michael Bender (@MichaelBender), PluralSight: The Krewe and community at Microsoft Ignite
  • Esther Westerweele, VMUG: Update on VMware User Groups in Europe
  • Phoummala Schmitt (@ExchangeGoddess), Microsoft: Mixing the streams at Microsoft Ignite with Advocacy

The TechReckoning Fest events are for technologists engaged and helping others in their community of peers by creating and curating content, mentoring, and sharing their expertise. Participants in groups like VMware vExpert and Microsoft MVP are of course very welcome, but we want to open this to folks just getting started. This is an opportunity for education & networking; your information will not be shared for lead-generation.

Watch the Replay HERE: